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Digital Marketing

We offer a broad range of video-driven digital marketing services. Why video? Higher retention rates, higher conversion rates, better performance all around.

The Video Builder was a pet project of mine. You see, I've been involved in technology for 43 years. I have serviced just about every industry you can imagine. I've worked with realtors. I've worked with electricians, plumbers, roofers, pool companies, heavy construction companies, dredging operations, surveyors, farmers, miners, and so much more. I started doing all of this work when PCs first began to emerge in the marketplace. At first, it was about word processing and spreadsheets. Then, it quickly morphed into technology for doing entire earthwork takeoffs for heavy construction companies like C.A. Rasmussen and Granite Construction -- a technology called Civil Image Systems. With it, dams were built. Airports were built. Entire cities were planned along with their housing and commercial building tracts. We even spent days rendering a hologram for the City of Long Beach before the City Council showcasing the planned re-design.

Then, I spent ten years working directly for the "man". In some ways, I became the "man". You see, I entered the enterprise working for a company called Spectra Physics Laserplane. If you worked in heavy construction in the U.S., you knew who we were. If you didn't and you drove by any construction site and saw yellow equipment - well, that was us. We were yellow and Geotronics from Sweden was orange. We competed against the likes of Leica (yes, the optics company from Germany) and TopCon (a subsidiary of Toshiba, believe it or not) that was trying to buy their way into the US market. It wasn't until 9/11 happened that I returned to my entrepreneurial roots.

I've always loved video. I truly love making them. It is without a doubt the best way to refine your sales funnel -- to target your exact audience. With interactive and personalized video, you can hit the mark precisely. To succeed in whatever business you are in, you must clearly and succinctly define your avatar (your customer). The more precise you are the higher the conversion results. Video is simply a way of engaging your audience longer. Interactive video allows you to directly engage your audience with the video itself and personalization, well, personalization allows you to talk directly to your audience. It simply doesn't get better than that.

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Our experts will help you build a comprehensive and fully integrated brand strategy.

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Our social media team will help you build out an amazing presence online.

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Our reporting tools and techniques will ensure sound rational decision-making.


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Our copywriters are excellent & they will do the deep dive required to reach your audience.

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We offer comprehensive team training to your in-house marketers .

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We don't just develop websites. We develop niche-specific performance platforms.

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Email marketing is still the way to go when it comes to consistent customer outreach.

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Our solutions span multiple platforms and services. We make every effort to try and accommodate the working environments and cultures of our clients.


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